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~Mia - The Secretive Pup~

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~Mia - The Secretive Pup~ Empty ~Mia - The Secretive Pup~

Post by Kimbra on Sun Jul 20, 2014 3:53 am

~Mia - The Secretive Pup~ 1622o28

Name: Mia
 Nickname(s): Mizzi
 Age: 4 months
 Gender: Female
 Rank: Pup
 Breed: Red Wolf
 Appearance: Mia is like all red wolves in coloring - a reddish brown. The tip of her tail is bright turquoise along with a swirl on her side. Her markings are a reminder of her dead parents who nearly had the same markings. Her right eye is a slight green and the other is blue which go darker in winter and brighter in the summer months. Her nose is pure black with no markings.
 Personality: Since being abandoned by her parents, Mia has very secretive and mysterious ways of living. She keeps to herself unless she totally trusts you. Trust is very important to her for without it, Mia wouldn't be the wolf she is. She can keep secrets better than anyone else. Under all her secrets, Mia is a brave soul who will stick up for whoever she loves and trusts.

 Past: It was the middle of a cold winter and a lone pup was born. One pup, no siblings. The den was warm yet outside, snow covered the territory. The pup was not supposed to be. The pups father did not belong in the Pelai pack. He was a wanderer. A lone wolf. Someone who didn't belong. Pelai was furious with Shay, Mia's mother and it took them a long time to decide to help Shay through the next few months. Even then, limited food was brought to the young mother. (WIP)

 Negatives: It takes a while for Mia to get used to other wolves meaning her friend-base is quite small.
 Positives: She is super speedy and can run from any hazard.
Power: Teleporation

 Gifts: Running

 Family: All dead
 Mate: -
 Pups: -
 Friends: -
 Enemies: -
 Crush: -


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