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Post by Unknown on Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:29 am

Unknown Salvation Newcreate.php?text=Unknown Salvation%20&name=immortal
Unknown Salvation Downlo12

Unknown Salvation Create.php?text=The%20Basics&name=vtcswitchbladeromance

Name: Unknown Salvation
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: Four years
Gender: Female
Rank: Lead Scout
Why you want to be in that rank: Unknown is very fit for that rank, she's slim and has a good stamina. She has a good past with finding things, following scents and running for long periods of times.
Species: Arctic Wolf

Unknown Salvation Create.php?text=Appearance&name=vtcswitchbladeromance
Appearance: Unknown was born with something called heterochromia, it means that when she was born she was born with two separate iris colours. Thus explaining where she got her light blue and light green eye from. She's also a white wolf, with some shades of grey or black in her fur she mostly blends with anything white. She has no scars that the eye could see, if she did they would be small and hidden deep beneath her fur. For her body build, she's a typical wolf, average height (2'7"), weights about 90 pounds. She has a slim and petite body. It's an advantage for running and being stealthy but it is no advantage when she's in trouble.

Unknown Salvation Create.php?text=Persona&name=vtcswitchbladeromance
Personality: Unknown is a very very nice wolf at times, although with her genes she has a very short temper, anything can easily set her off and she doesn't back down. When she gets angry she doesn't cool easily. She can be snappy and snarky because of her temperamental issues, causing a bad reputation. Despite her being short tempered she's often found happy or quiet, distracted by her job - which she takes seriously - she mostly tends to keep to her herself. Not sharing too much about herself, not wanting to draw attention or maybe bring in the wrong kind of attention. She can be very caring and nice once she's found herself a friend, she loves to have friends but she has trouble trusting people.
Negatives: She's a little short tempered, often unpredictable. She's often a little sketchy, people might find her hard to trust.
Positives: She's hardworking, when she's given a task she sets her mind to it and won't stop until she's reached the end of her task.
Power: Psychometry - the ability to learn things about the past or future of an object by touching it.
Gifts: Running, following scents, being on task.

Unknown Salvation Create.php?text=Relationships&name=vtcswitchbladeromance
Family: Click for Family Tree
Mate: Not Applicable
Pups: Not Applicable
Friends: Not Applicable
Enemies: Not Applicable
Crush: Not Applicable

Unknown Salvation Create.php?text=Past&name=vtcswitchbladeromance

The Start....

Unknown Salvation was born to Spirit and Kodiak, alpha-wolves of a smaller pack. The pack was going through a rough patch, Unknown's brother Creed was in love with Crystal. His mate was a murder, she was cold and backstabbing.. She was a traitor. Unknown had always looked up to her brother before he stupidly chose Crystal, she now never dares to look at him. Unknown was born with another sister, Snowfire was like Unknown but more dull. As she grew up, she grew apart from her brother who loves her and also her mother who shut her down. When Unknown was nearing the age of 6 months, Kodiak found out that his once faithful mate had been cheating on him with Bruce an warrior of the pack..

Mistakes Can't Be Erased...
Unknown looked at Snowfire, "We need to find out if this is true, I mean.. it's mom. She wouldn't hurt dad.." she said hopefully. Snowfire's eyes glowed with hope, "Can't be all sure, but it's honestly worth a shot, Unknown " she responded her heart pounding with every step they made. Snowfire spotted her mother, with betrayal she used her smaller frame to a advantaged to follow Spirit. Unknown was wiser with her tactics, she attacked from the side pinning her mother down. "Is it true? You cheated?" Unknown asked, Snowfire growled as she stepped forward to pull Unknown back. Backing up, Spirit rose "It's true.. but what does that mean to you two?" she asked brushing off the pain in Unknown eyes. "I looked up to you, as my mother I expected more.. not this.." Unknown admitted with a grunt, Snowfire lightly pushed Unknown back more. "We needed you in our life's.. why did you do this?" Spirit cold-heartily laughed, "I've never wanted to even put one attempt into raising you fools, you're truly stupid to think you're my daughter.. you honestly think I want something to do with you?" Unknown snorted, "Well screw you too, Spirit." she turned as Snowfire rose her voice. "Just like Crystal? You two by any chance related?" Unknown growled out "That's a rhetorical question." Snowfire scoffed.

Unknown’s mind ran through millions of questions, 'How could her own mother shut her daughters down like that? Had she'd known what she'd harmed? The damage she'd made when that happened?' she kept asking them until her sister pulled her out of her thoughts, "Now that dad is 6 years of age, What do you think is going to happen?" she asked in a quiet voice. My eyes searched for answers, "Honestly SnowFire, I don't have a clue. Hopefully something that's right for the pack though.." she replied as she got back to the turf, her eyes locked with a new member. She slowly flickered her tail, and went towards the Alpha Den; her dad was there resting. Snowfire pushed past her into the den, but something about the new member held her from moving. She turned to see the Beta wolves; Creed and Crystal. She nodded towards them, Crystal's voice soon reached her ears "That's not a respectful way to treat, alphas to be.." she sneered, Unknown snorting out a reply "In your dreams, you want respect? start giving it. it's earned, not expected." she flashed a smirk and walked to the edge of the hill the den was on, looking over the pack she watched that male communicate.

Creed approached her side, and laid down with his flank touching her. She snorted and moved away from him, "Don't touch me." she snapped, glaring at him through the corner of her eyes. Creed looked at her, "what is wrong? You're so rude to Crystal, you give the new member a harsh look? What's going on." he insists on knowing her problems, so she absentmindedly declared her issues.. "My issue is you're mate, she's a stuck up, selfish child. She's not going to get alpha rank with that attitude, She's lucky if she stays a member. I'm tired of her, I'm seriously. Get her to lose the attitude, maybe I'll think twice of my behavior towards her. The new member? he just reminds me of Bruce, and i don't need two of him, one's enough." she shook her head when the new member slowly climbed the hill towards the den. Creed shook his head, "I'll talk to her, not making any promises, but you gotta talk to him." and with that he was gone. "You can never make me a honest promise.." she whispered as the male looked at her, bowing down. "Greetings new member, what can i do for you?" she asked with a smile, one thing her father raised her was to be a lady at all times. The male had a cocky grin plastered to his muzzle, "Hello Beautiful, nothing just wanting to make new friends... What's you're name?" his voice made me want to just leave, but that side of me kept me there. "beautiful is not the name, I go by Unknown. Learn it or lost it." she replied, adding quickly "also lose the smirk, or ill smack it off you." she stood up, watching as she rose to his eye level. She noticed in the back ground, four other males of the pack were watching her and the new member intensely, "Look's like you got some friends, what's you're name?" she asked watching the male's smirk turn to a nervous face but quickly back to a smirk. "Nice name, nice attitude too.. feisty." there again with his attitude, "The name's Cerberus, I'll be letting you go, farewell beautiful." with a small smirk he turned off and went back down the hill. Leaving a very angry Unknown , she walked forward. She walked down the hill, and stopped him. "The names Unknown, U-N-K-N-O-W-N. Un-Known . get it? not Beautiful." she snapped, he nodded. "Very well, Unknown it is." he presumed walking away as his pals started laughing as they all coasted glances her way. Unknown’s tail flickered as she went back up the hill, towards the den.

Last One Standing...
Kodiak glanced at Unknown as she returned to the den, already haven talked to the pack and family he had news for her. "Unknown, dear?" he questioned from his sitting position. Unknown turned her head to her dad, "Yes, father?" she replied as he stood up and walked towards the exit of the den. "Come here, I have news for you." As a respectful daughter she quickly hurried to him, she'd never let her father down. "What's up daddy?" her voice chimed out when he howled and called the pack for a meeting. A jealous Creed and Crystal walked out of the den to the group of wolves, Snowfire sitting at my flank. "As most of you may know, in this pack an Alpha may only be a leader from age 3 until 6, and I am aged past my rank. I am stepping down to elder, but my daughter Unknown is stepping up to take over the pack, I've made my choice.. now have you, Unknown?" he turned to Unknown, and everyone looked at her. Under pressure, she stayed quiet Cerberus catching her eye. Her courage rose as she spook, "I have, I do accept the rank. I have some request in the starting of it.. I'd like Spirit and Bruce to step forward, now." she said with a light flick of her tail, they walked forward as her heart thumped; her mother was a beautiful wolf.. just a very cold person. "As Alpha female, Bruce you're removed from lead guardian, and Spirit you're removed from healer. You both with settle down to omegas, am i clear?" she asked with a cold tone. Spirit having the nerve too, she voiced her opinion. "You actually think that is going do anything?" she laughed, Bruce nipped her cheek "Clear, thank you for choosing that instead of other punishments." he bowed and Unknown nodded him off, Spirit on the other hand wasn't getting off so easily. "Spirit, if omega doesn't work how about being banned from this pack? I wouldn't want to lose a member the first day." she glared hardily, Spirit gave up and shrank off. Unknown nodded, happy with her decision she dismissed the pack and walked away with Snowfire. "I promise you, you'll always come first." she told her sister before she hurried off to go look for Cerberus.

What A Fool..
Unknown approached Cerberus to see him talking to Bruce, they quickly noticed her and bowed. She nodded my respect, "Greetings Bruce, Cerberus." she had a small smile as through the corner of her eye she saw Spirit. Bruce looked at her, "I'm sorry for her blurt out, I have no say for her anymore. I also wanted to apologizing for stealing you're mother.. It was such a corrupted thing I did.." she shook her head, "It does not bug me, I have no respect for her. It's alright, I'm perfectly fine without her, my father and sister are all I need." she admitted quietly, Bruce cocked his head "What about Creed and Crystal?" he asked with curiosity. Unknown shook her head "that doesn't matter, nor is it you're honest business." Bruce nodded, and said his goodbyes before leaving. Cerberus looked at her through the corner of his eyes, "Do you always have to be so clingy??" he asked, hurt plastered her eyes before she turned it to anger. "What are you talking about?" she asked and he shook his head, Spirit coming to his side. "I hope you know.. he's mine." Spirit hissed with a smug grin.. "I'm sorry, I forgot I should give toys to the less fortunate." She shook her head and walked off. She went back to the den where she say Kodiak talking with Bruce, she grunted and walked by her father and Bruce. Unknown’s eyes wandered as she looked at her father and Bruce, he nodded his respect and Unknown smiled back slightly as she went into the den and curled up at Snowfire's flank. Her eyes wandered to Creed and Crystal curled up together, her father needed to be happy once again. Bruce laid down out side of the den, and Kodiak came into the den laying down alone. Unknown frowned, feeling horrible for her dad.

Ready Or Not...!
Unknown trotted along the river, her sister behind her. She noticed something odd about the river, something was on the other side. She looked up and saw a wolf, she barked and the wolf looked up at her. Unknown barked "what's your name, and state your business." Then glanced at her younger sister. The wolf across the river crossed it and smiled, "Greeting's alpha wolf, I'm Celosia and I was just simply looking for a pack.." the wolf grinned, Unknown smiled at the kindness. "Oh please, call me Unknown. Celosia, you're more then welcomed to stay with my pack." she replied with a welcoming smile. Celosia wagged her tail, "Thank you so much Unknown, I look forward to being in it." Unknown smiled and nodded, "Welcome to the pack, Celosia.. this is my sister Snowfire, she'll one day be alpha.." she smiled and they greeted, her eyes looked back toward the pack land, a loud snarl out bursting her sudden quietness. Unknown ran back towards the pack, the sounds of snarling getting louder, Snowfire and Celosia follow her back. Unknown came in at the right time, to see Bruce and Cerberus fighting. Unknown approached the wolves, snarling loudly. Bruce pulling back, Cerberus snarling still. "Shut your trap Cerberus!" She snapped her teeth just barely missing his snout. "What is this nonsense? Bruce why? Explanations now!" she snapped her teeth baring. Bruce sunk, "Cerberus just freaked out, I was guarding the den and he freaked. Nothing more, nothing less." Unknown looked at Cerberus and he said nothing, she growled. "Thank you Bruce, Cerberus got anything to stay?" she asked watching him writhe with anger. He shook his head, and Unknown growled "Leave my sight now." she walked towards the den, Snowfire had invited Celosia to the den to meet the family. Unknown watched they way her father interacted with Celosia, she knew something that he would never admit.

Goodbyes Aren't Forever..
Unknown shook her head, she was now aged to 4 years, she was nearing the age where she had to leave the pack for her own choices. Her father and Celosia had become mates in the summer but now she is searching for a new life, with her departing she will need to pick a new alpha. She howled the pack into a meeting, as the same way her father did two years ago. They wolves gathered, no one knew of her choice to leave. "Greetings pack, I have some news for you guys and some new rank choices.." she declared. Her heart racing, "I'm stepping down from alpha female and leaving the pack, BUT I'm giving my alpha rank to SnowFire to be alpha female. She and Sloan will rise up and be alpha's.. do you guys accept?" Unknown said looking at the pair, they both nodded and Unknown grinned. "That's all, I hope you understand.. thank you for being amazing pack." She smiled and nodded for Snowfire and Sloan to dismiss the pack.

Unknown nudged Snowfire, Sloan, Kodiak, Celosia, Creed, Crystal and Bruce. They'd all become close to her, but she still hated Crystal with passion. "I want to thank you all for being there in my life, Snowfire, you my gurl. don't forget it." She laughed and smiled, "Sloan.. don't hurt her.. I'll break you." She smiled "Celosia, when I first met you, I knew you had some impact on my father.. you've made him a honestly happy man.. Thank you for being a mother figure for me." She continued "Dad, I love you. You've made my life complete, you've pulled me up when I was down and you've made me believe in myself. Creed and Crystal? good luck. and Bruce? I forgave you a long time ago, but you need to know I thank you so much. If it wasn't for you, I'd never had my life... thank you all" She whispered the end and smiled, "Farewell family and friends, live long pack!" and with that Unknown was off to start a brand new life.

Unknown Salvation Create.php?text=Out of roleplay&name=vtcswitchbladeromance
Name: Taylor
Age: I'm seventeen
Location: I lived in the united states from 1997-2000 then I moved to England, and I've lived here ever since!
Fun facts: I love the colour purple, I love roleplaying and animals are my favourite!

Unknown Salvation Create.php?text=Extras&name=vtcswitchbladeromance
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Omg! This is awesome! Moving to accepted bios

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Thank you!!

Kimbra wrote:Omg! This is awesome! Moving to accepted bios

Thank you! I'm glad you guys like it!

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This bio is awesomesauce. Not even joking. Welcome to the pack! Can't wait to roleplay with you!


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