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Artemis~The Fearful  Empty Artemis~The Fearful

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:18 am

Name: Artemis

Nickname: None yet

Gender: Male

Rank: Guardian

Power: Absorbs and sometimes also removes the memories, physical strength, and superpowers of anyone he touches.


Pelt- His coat is a fire lite light orange/cream color. The coloring gives his fur a soft and fluffy look.

Eye color- Artemis has a strange eye color. The primary color is blue, much like his sisters. But where her's shifts to green, his mixes with silver. Creating his eyes to look like a stormy blue color.

Scar's- He has a small chip in his right ear. The fur on this side is grey and worn out due to a forest fire what he was younger.

Breed-Tundra Wolf Mix (undetermined)

Personality: Artemis is the lonely quiet and reserved type. He prefers to keep to himself as he is afraid of hurting someone. This makes him secret and hard for him to open up to others. Causing a cold and distant personality, where he keeps cautious of his actions and remains to keep his emotions under tight lock and key. He is a strong and determined/furious fighter who is very cocky when it comes to his guardian skills. Though he has the intelligence of a healer, he is smart, quick on his feet, and relies on his brain for nearly everything. He is book smart and is very good under pressure making him a problem solver. Artemis also has a soft/caring side, he cares about what others think and how they react to his presence. Overall, he's a softy with a huge heart who is willing to help anyone. He's a charmer, naturally smooth and gentle with his words. Knowing what to say and when to say it. But the self couscous nature that radiates for the fear of what he is capable of might cover it up. He is not easily angered and it is a very bad idea to piss him off because it brings a whole knew wolf out. 

History: Will be revealed later

Weakness: The only big weakness he has is his ability. It's been a burden he has carried his whole life and will continue to do so until the day he does.

Strengths: Like most, his ability also is labeled as a strength. He has mastered his power and although he tends to keep it hidden and under look and key, he does know how to unleash it. The ability to fight and protect himself has also come in handy as he has lived much of his life alone. Lastly, his intelligence. Artemis is very smart, maybe even the smartest wolf you will ever meet.

Family: Lily- Half sister (unknown), the rest remain a mystery

Friends: None 
Enemy's: Depends who you ask
Crush: Never again
Mate: Not in his lifetime
Pups: Nada

How they got there power: He doesn't know about it yet, as he has only once been around someone with abilities such as his. The only thing he remembers is the one time he came across someone with powers. It killed the other wolf and almost him as well.

Notes: The power may a bit confusing but if you've seen xmen it's rogue's power.


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Post by Colossith on Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:23 am


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