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Benjamin the thylacine Empty Benjamin the thylacine

Post by Bolt on Tue Jul 22, 2014 4:09 am

Name ;; Benjamin

Nickname(s) ;; Ben, Benny, Jam, Min Min

Gender ;; Male

Age ;; Three months

Species ;; Thylacine

Description ;; Benjamin is an unfamiliar and even strange sight for most to lay eyes on, since his species is so rare. At the moment he looks like a dog pup, though he will always look similar to a dog, and many creatures will and already have mistaken him for a dog, which irritates him to no end, yet he can't help it, can he? He has long legs, with the back legs being longer than the front, and large paws made for keeping balance when running. He has a very slender body and a large, more narrow than wide head, with jaws that open up far more wider then any other species. His eyes are a dark green in color. His tail is long and stiff, much like that of a kangaroos, and his pelt is short and thick, with a nice, soft texture to it. Benjamin has a brownish-cream colored coat, with thick, black stripes starting from his mid-body to the start of his tail, going short-long-short. The stripes will gradually fade as he ages.

Personality ;; Benjamin is surprisingly mature for one his age, having witnissed and been through what dark things are in the world. He is not shy and rather blunt with his words, especially if you anger him, which is rather easy with his temper. He loves to cause trouble, mostly not the good kind, yet is really good at talking his way out of punishment. Benjamin is rebelious towards most adults, due to how he had been treated by them. He only shows respect to the ones he trusts, and to gain his trust is a hard feat, but once you do he will be forever loyal. Benjamin can be quick to hold a grudge against someone who has done him wrong, but is just as quick to forgive and forget.

History ;; Benjamin was born on a fall night in a litter of four, to a mother he never got to the learn the name of. He stayed in his mothers pouch, blind and defenseless, for a month, growing with his other siblings. By that time he looked like a hairless puppy, still defenseless. He was part of a rare species, one that many think went extinct long ago. A hunter accidentily shot his mother dead, a shot that was meant for a deer but missed. Benjamins mother had let her pups out of the pouch as she was doing something, so they lay defenseless out in the open, only a month old. The hunter, thinking he had shot a mother dog, picked up what he thought to be pups and took them in, burying the mother. The hunters took care of the pups for a while, flying them back to his home state of Alaska and raising them for a while there until they were around three months old, when they got out of the house and into the wild. Two of Benjamin's siblings died from the cold, and the other was eaten by a bear, yet he survived and still is alive as he travels the cold lands.

Family ;; Mother [Dead] Father [unknown] Tank [Brother, Dead] Tigress [Sister, Dead] Jaws [Brother, Dead]

Mate ;; NOPE

Crush ;; NOPE

Friends ;; NONE

Enimes ;; NONE

Companion to ;; Soon to be Bolt


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