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Story Contest Results!

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Story Contest Results! Empty Story Contest Results!

Post by Colossith on Sat Aug 02, 2014 5:26 am

So hello fellow members. I would like to congratulate Bolt and Lily with writing up fabulous stories!

Okay guys this was an extremely hard decision as both stories were excellent, but  obviously there has to be a first and second place. (Don`t blame me ;-Wink

Drums rolls* The 2 place goes too!!!!!!! BOLT! please congratulate him ^^

Now the first place! Drums rolls again* The winner of this contest is LILY! please congratulate her! ^^

To me you were both winners anyways. lol

Okay since no one other than you two entered, I`m going to separate the third`s place galleons in half for you both to have as an extra ^^

The Entries.


The sun began to set in the horizon, the sky shifted. Swirling shades of purple's and blue's danced in the sky forming into an ugly color of a bruise.

Dawn was arriving.

A single droplet of water rolled off of a leaf, splashing onto her pure white pelt. A frown corrupted her facial features putting a rather ugly look on her face. 'Why now?' she thought dryly, clearly upset with the poor timing of Mother Nature. Thunder rumbled softly in the distance, a warning. A storm was arriving. Her azure green orbs drifted up to the sky above. Sure enough, dark clouds had began to tumble in, crowding amongst each other and shielding her eyes from the beautiful sunset. "Ruining a perfect day for exploring" she grumbled rather angrily. Her shoulders slouched and her tail flicked irritably as she stalked forward. Now, she was in search if a location to take shelter for the night. The last thing she needed was to get caught outside during Mother Natures grand finale. Like, always she became easily distracted. This time however, was different as she was distracted by a mere amphibian. A large dark green and brown frog leapt onto a rock in front of her. She stood tail attempting to scare the creature away. It croaked as the water splashed against his slimy surface. The liquid wasted no time seeping into the smooth surface. She frowned, if only wolves had adapted in such a way where water seemed to work to their advantage. The rumbling sound increased, growing closer.

The Lead Guardian walked through the thicket, in search for any predators that may present a danger to his pack mates. It was a quiet and uneventful day so far, one that would surely drag on for what seemed to be forever. Not that he minded, it would give him time to get to know the newer members and perhaps time to speak to the alpha's. Rain hit the tip of his ear, rolling down his face and sliding down his chin before splattering to the ground. He turned his head to the sky, the sky had quickly turned into the dull and lifeless color, signaling a storm. He had never minded the water, nor the cold considering his old home was covered in nothing but snow, this would be nothing. However, the thought of the pack's safety brought concern and uncertainty swarming inside him. By the looks of it, the storm was growing, and it wasn't going to be some small thing. 'I have to make sure the pack is okay' his brain told him encouraging him forward. He may not be the best runner but if he paced himself, maybe, just maybe he could make it in time.

Lily's body collided against a soft solid bunch of fur causing her to stumble backwards. Confusion and anger splashed through her body, 'Why me?' By now, her day had shifted into a rather unpleasant turn of effects, and it seemed to be getting worse rather then better. Anyone in her path better brace themselves elves for her wrath because she was walking on a thin line of controlling her emotions and blowing up at the next wolf she saw.

"I'm sorry miss" a familiar sound voiced out almost automatically. Obviously, he was able to take control of the situation much faster then she. Perhaps, it had been his fault and he had seen her.

She blinked, focusing her attention on the wolf in front of her. One she recognized from the first day she had crossed the territory lines, Nova. The wolf that had been kind and welcoming to her even after she had refused to share her name. "No, don't worry about it. I wasn't watching where I was going." She admitted lamely, the anger that was boiling inside her diminishing greatly. "There's a storm coming." She said, stating the plainly obvious while remaining completely oblivious to doing so.

He smiled, "I can see that. There's a cave not far from here where we can take shelter. I'll show you."

Lily nodded gratefully and began following the male. The rain poured down, creating a soft drum of pitter patter sounds. The smell of wet dirt hung heavily in the air. A gust of wind blew through her almost nocking her over will it. Somehow, she managed to keep her feet planted, the larger wolf in front of her, however, seemed to be doing just find as he but stumbled at the sudden force. The weight of water pushed down on her, working against her rather then with her. 'What good are you my power if you aren't useful' The once receding anger returned, this time much greater. At this rate, she might flood the whole territory simply because of her ongoing irritation. There was no way she could stop the storm but she could make it less unpleasant. She stood on her tip toes, peeing over the male, and to the path ahead. From the looks of it they had only a short walk. Her eyes scanned the area to make sure that it was indeed just the two of them. Once her assumptions were confirmed, she wielded the water off of her. The liquid that had gathered exploded around her, blending into the rain fall. She shook her pelt happy with the outcome. Now, it wouldn't stop her from continuing to get wet, no using that kind if power was too risky. But it would do for now.

The rain fell over the top of the cave, the water was thin and constituent creating the sight of a waterfall as it cascaded over the opening.

She lowered her ears as she walked through it, pushing herself into the medium size cave. The water splashed onto the slick cave floor, forming small puddles. Her paws slid due to the slippery surface, she managed to stop herself from colliding into the male as he laid down at the back of the cave. Deciding it was best to keep her distance, she walked to a small corner and she too laid down, resting her head gently on her muddy paws. The only thing they could do now was wait. Lily was able to sit still for about an hour before she started moving around, shifting her weight, and becoming antsy. Nova may be able to sleep through a storm, but she could not.

Lily stood up, walking to the entrance of the cave. She was done, done with sitting around simply because it was too 'dangerous'. Honestly, it didn't matter to her anyone. None of it did.

"You cant go out there." A wall of ice shot up in front of her. She stopped immediately, almost running into the solid wall. She clenched her teeth. A growl of annoyance rumbling in her throat. She had thought that the male had been sleeping, obviously she had been very wrong.

"Watch me." She hissed, her voice darkening and growing dangerously close to snapping. 'You want to be that way, fine. Two can play at this game' she thought distastefully. Lily had traveled to these lands for the sole purpose of finding the wolf that had been gifted just like she, the one she had run into months ago. Now, she was sitting here, doing nothing when her old friend could be potentially in danger. Sitting back and doing nothing it wouldn't keep anyone safe but herself, and she wasn't the selfish type. If it meant rising her life, then fine. Living a life of 'what if's' was not how she intended to live, instead she rather live in the moment.

"It's not safe out there. I'll make you stay....if...if I have to" he voiced his concern, yet she didn't care what he said. None of it matted, she needed to make sure her old friend was okay. Anything he stayed seemed to only fuel her anger, no matter how kind it may have been.

"You can't stop me." she said coldly under her breath. Lily rose her paw, placing it gently onto the block of ice. It was completely solid, the water that had once poured down the entrance was dripping down. She could feel the water pulsing on the other side, ready to move at will. Her paw slid down before it was removed. The condensation coated the base of her paw. Just as she had suspected. Already, it was beginning to melt. She snorted unimpressed, ice was just water frozen, nothing she couldn't manage, if she had to.

"Please. It's too dangerous." His voice was gentle as a soft of a plead. But there was something else, worry? Concern? Did he actually care? 'Who cares. You don't care about anyone but yourself. Move on' her mind reminded. It was true, she never had carried, so why should she start now? Something stirred instead, something that told her to think again and consider another possibility. Whatever it was that had created the pit in her stomach was a feeling she had never felt before. Frankly, she hated it. However, a new idea did come to mind, one she was not at all fond of. She let out an exasperated sigh.

"Then come with me." she said through her teeth.

To her surprise when she turned around Nova was standing behind her ready to go. "Let's go then." he said. She blinked, taken back by the sudden urge to rush into the face of danger. There was no guarantee that the other's would be close, or even still breathing, but she was willing to take the chance. Even though someone accompany her was completely unnecessary and would only slow her down. The last thing she needed was for him to get injured. She knew very well that he was capable if taking care of himself, yet it was a risk she would've rather avoided. 'If he gets hurt it's not your problem.' Oddly enough, deep deep down she was more comfortable knowing she didn't have to face the storm alone. Needless to say she would never admit it. Nodding briefly, the ice wall burst apart as she wielded the water out of its solid form. It took longer then she would've liked but then again it had been a great length of time since she had last used her power. Lily was bound to be a bit rusty. A large puddle was all that was left of the ice, she gave Nova no time to use his own powers or ask any questions. She could feel the eyes on her, full of confusion and surprise, still, she remained silent. There was no time for any explanations.

Lily walked out of the cave. The wind blew violently through the tree threatening to tip them over. The rain was endless and instantly covered her pelt with water. She scoffed in annoyance. 'He know's' her brain reminded her, the urge to use her power scratching and clawing its way to the surface. With that single thought, her eyes floated to the sky, darkening into a much deeper blue. The rain above them diverted to the side as if they were in a large bubble. For a moment, she was distract, unaware of the dangers around her. Her mind was focused on one thing and one thing alone.

Lighting struck the tree in front of her, it cracked and tumble towards her at a quick pace. She squeezed her eyes shut in fear, the concentration it had required to keep the rain from falling naturally crumbled and they were instantly soaked. There was a loud boom, a cracking of wood, and then a sound of something tumbling to the ground. Lily opened one eye and then the other, slowly observing what had just happened. Two pieces of the tree lie on both sides of her, stemming and smoking. Blinking, she looked at Nova, confusion flickering in the depths of her eyes. "Show yourself" a warning growl rumbled in her throat, just loud enough to hear over mother nature's gifts. 'He could kill you, water and electricity don't click' her brain shot at her. The steady flow of water falling from the sky dulled her vision, though she saw the blurry vision of a white he wolf, with red and dark brown markings began to move towards them. "Who are you?" she squinted to get a better look at the odd coloring wolf. He seemed to dislike the storm as much as she, or perhaps it was the water bothering him.

Nova chirped in before the male had a chance to open his mouth "We don't have the time for introductions." he said as a reminder that they weren't yet safe.

Lily shot a deadly look at the dark colored male, he didn't have to come if he didn't want to. Her gaze drifted to the other male, although no words were spoken, she gave him a brief nod of thanks. "Then let's move." she countered, pushing her way past the larger male. The tree above them shook, dropping the water that had gathered in its large leaves on top of Nova, just missing her and the new male. Her tail swayed from side to side innocently.
Eventually she let the male lead as she knew not of where they were heading and dropped her pace until she was in sync with the white male.

"So, you control electricity?" she asked quietly, attempting to spark a conversation.

"And you water and Nova ice." he continued for her.

She was still getting used to the idea of other's knowing of her power. Hearing it voiced aloud, left her short for words for a moment. There were both pro's and con's for the situation. The con's were so no longer had the choice to use her power in a dangerous situation if she could, therefore putting her in a tough situation. No longer, would the pack be unaware of what she was capable of, and could easily find a way to harm her. On the upside, she could use it openly and practice her rusty skills. Although she did know how to live a life without them and preferred it to relying on what made her different, it was time to accept the fact that she wasn't normal and she was capable of doing things other's were not. It didn't hurt to use them as an advantage. She nodded, "Sounds about right." There seemed to be nothing else to say, she simple remained quiet and so did the male. He didn't seem to be much of a talker and nor was she, making the awkwardness less awkward. The conversation dropped into silence.
The rain fell at a much greater speed as the temperature dropped immensely. Soon, the drops of liquid had turned solid into the form of hail. At first, it was soft and didn't bother them much. Eventually, it increased in not only size, but quantity as well.

Her ears perked up, twitching. She came to an abrupt halt, "There's something out there." She mumbled under her breath. Poofs of wispy smoke drifting into the air before dissolving as her breath came in contact with cold air.

"How can you tell?" the unnamed male moved forward, looking ahead.

"If you listen closely, you can hear the pattern in which the hail falls. It's the same as rain, steady and unchanging. It only becomes disrupted when it collides with an object and it" she mumbled. Lily knew that her ears could be deceiving her and the sound could just have been created due to a plant, tree, or scavenging animal. But this time, this time she felt like she was right.

"It's a bear" Nova whispered under his breath.

She turned towards him, a natural skeptic. "How do you know?"

"Because it's nearly infront of us."

The white fae turned her head to face the direction the other's were looking. "What are you---." her voice dragged off. A large brown grizzly bear moved through the tree's, grunting as it walked.

"I have a idea" the white and red male voiced out, his eyes never wavering from the target. "Were going to have to work together. Nova if you can stop the bear, we can do the rest." he said confidently.

Nova nodded in response, "Shouldn't be too hard." a sly smile slipped onto his lips.

Lily rose an eyebrow, caught off guard by the male's bravery. It wasn't something she had initially expected but now she definitely saw it. He turned to her a silent but meaningful look, asking if she was ready. Nodding, she stepped up next to him. They seemed to go unnoticed by the bear, however it was only a matter of time before it charged.

It looked directly at them, a loud roar vibrating through the tree's with enough power to scare any remaining animals in the area. It charged.

Nova watched the bear carefully. He waited until the large beast was nearly in front of them, ice rose from the ground clinging onto the grizzly's oversized paws. It was a momentary fix that stopped the beast but it would only last so long. The white and red he wolf glanced at her. The lingering water, rose from the tree top's, forest floor, and cupped shaped leaves. In any other situation, it would've been considered a breathtaking sight. However, now was not the time. The liquid formed together, floating over the fierce creature before dropping and drenching it from head to toe. Colossith wasted no time, a lightning bolt shot down from above, striking the creature to a crisp. It didn't have enough voltage to kill the bear but it would definitely injure it. Smoke floated from the large beast. Lily's eyes remained glued on the beast. They had done that, they had stopped a bear. If this was something they were capable on the spot she couldn't begin to imagine what the whole pack could do together. Nova came up next to them, all of them standing in a line, looking at the creature in awe. She could feel the strength and exhilaration from power vibrating through her. Did the others feel it too? Notice just how strong they and the others could be if they worked together? There was no feeling of burden to protect each other because now and only just this moment did she realize just what they were capable of, alone and together. Kimbra had Bolt and maybe even other pack mates aiding to their avoidance to the storm. They would be fine.
The power flowing inside her was like a calling, one she didn't want to control. Her gaze drifted to the two male wolves. Silently and deep in wonder. She wanted to give in, give into the power and see just how much of her power she had control over. 'Try it' her brain encouraged her forward. Her paw scooted forward, one after the other until she was standing about an inch in front of the two. Almost instantly, the two were next to her, obviously sharing the eagerness she did. Without a single word, lily stepped forward, walking until there was a good bit of clear forest in between them. She motioned her head to the spot next to her, her eyes resting on one of them. Curious to as if the two have caught onto what she was intending to do.
Nova stayed put while the white male moved next to her. Taking a deep breath, she tried to relax herself. This would be a lot considering the last half of her life she had lived without her gift. Harnessing so much power at once would take a lot from her. Not that it would stop her from continuing on. Any water around them slid on the ground, pulling past them to form behind them and to the right. It was a surprisingly quick process, once the water that once coated the land was collected in one location, it was lifted up into the form of a large wave. Several lightning bolts struck the water, creating an eerie yellow glow to dance through the water, electrifying it. Then it was sent forward at a rapid speed past them and towards Nova, so quickly in fact that it almost nocked down a tree or two in the process. There was a flash of a light blue glow and before the had a chance to blink it began to freeze, the icy touch extending backwards until the whole wave from frozen mid air. Every now and then if you looked close enough you could see a flicker of golden yellow. A small smirk crept onto her muzzle. Amazed didn't match up to the feeling she felt at this moment. All this time this is what she had been missing, when so many lived with their power.

She blinked, the pressure if the falling ice no longer. The suns ray's sprinkled down onto them. The rain left from the storm glistened beneath it and the clumps of hard snow began to melt and disappear into nothingness. Lily hadn't noticed the storm fading away as she was to captivated by what had just happened.

"Guys..." She began, pulling the other two from their frozen states. Giving them a moment, she waited for them to to see the change in weather. The storm was over. After all that, it was over...done.

"Great timing." the white red-brown wolf mumbled under his breath.

"We should find the other's" Nova said

"..and not tell anyone what happened her." she suggested.

"I don't see a problem with that." Nova replied, the white male nodding agreeing. With that the three moved through the thicket towards the main den. Not one of them spoke the during the time they traveled. The large frozen wave, melted with their departure, forming into a puddle that would eventually evaporate beneath the sun's warmth. Once they reached the main den they found the others uninjured and safe. Never did they speak about what had happened the night of the storm, as none if them were aware they were capable of controlling so much power. For now it would remain a secret, just between the three of them. However, maybe, just maybe, one day their powers would be combined once again, this time to aid the pack during an attack or during its darkest hour.


This is the tale of the time the brave Alpha Bolt fought and killed a giant beast of horrific sights. It was on a beautiful spring morning when the sun was bright, the air was clean and the birds sang throughout the forest. The red-pelted wolf was taking a relaxing walk with his mate, Kimbra.

"What do you think the birds sing about?"

He asked, head tilted curiously as he observed a bird sitting on a branch high up in a tree, a sweet melody escaping from its beak. Kimbra looked up at the bird, noticing the beautiful blue feathers that covered its body and shrugged, looking forward once again before answering.

"I don't know. Maybe about how good they look? They are rather cocky."

At this comment Bolt huffed out a laugh, light and amused, while shaking his head, turning his yellow gaze over at his mate, shooting her a look that practically said "really?". He turned his gaze away from Kimbra and scanned the area, taking in all the beauty of the day, trying to carve the memory into his brain forever, he didn't want to forget this peaceful day. The need to go to the bathroom interrupted his memorizing and he turned to his mate, dipping his head in a temporary good bye.

"I'll be right back."

Bolt said, turning and making his ways through the trees at a swift pace, wandering farther and farther away from his mate till he was out of sight range. He sighed in relief when he lifted his leg and began to pee, not noticing the monstrous creature that silently neared, long, thin legs, eight of them in all, not making a sound as they landed, bringing the creature out of the shadows.

Bolt finished quickly and stood, a confused look crossing his features as he noticed the birds had went silent, which usually meant something was terribly wrong. He bristled, muscles stiffening as a shiver ran down his spine, eyes glued to the hideous form of the creature that padded closer to him. It was huge, almost as big as a bear, and had eight beady eyes that were locked onto him, a big rump and a large head with two large fangs attached, dripping with what he could only tell was a type of poison.

Bolt bared his fangs and a deep growl erupted from him, starting as a rumble in his chest that built up and escaped his throat, a sound of aggression. The spider lunged at him, aiming to sink its fangs into him, yet he jump out of the way, landing with his feet on a tree for a very brief second before he leaped from it, hitting the gigantic spider firmly on the rump with the full force of his body, fangs slashing at the soft skin. A sound, what could only be described as a horrific shriek, escaped the beast and it spun, whipping Bolt off of it and flung him into a tree.

His own cry of pain escaped him when his body made contact with the tree and he fell to the ground in a heap, quickly scrambling to his paws again moments later. He spat, the spiders greenish blood landing on the forest floor, and he snarled, the white hot feeling flooding him. With a war cry he lit the spider on fire, the flames making quick work of its soft skin until there was only a pile of ash.

Bolt breathed heavily for a few moments, just watching the pile of ash without a sound. As his breathing returned to normal he turned and made his way to where Kimbra was.

"Well it took you long enough."

Bolt laughed at the comment, continuing forward and striking up another conversation as he left the incident behind him.

They lived happily ever aft-

Wait. That isn't the real story of what happened, and you know it. Let us hear the story from the eyes of an observer, the Beta male Colossith.

He was out taking a walk alone, face serious, caught up in his thoughts, when the wind had blown the scent of Bolt towards him. Becoming rather curious as to why the Alpha would be out this deep in the forest, he went to go see what he was doing. And he got quite a show, that's for sure. The male padded quietly, ears perked forward as he crept through the forest, trying to remain as silent as he could as to not alert the red-pelted male to his presence.

When Colossith reached where Bolt was he stopped, watching the male as he just put his leg down and stood tall. After a few moments the marked male started turning around to leave, thinking this was a waste of time, when he heard a high pitch shriek. Turning around, he saw Bolt jump back with fear on his face, bristling and snapping his jaws at something, yet Colossith couldn't see what was bothering the male. Bolt began to rear up, like a horse that has been startled, lifting his legs high and making yips and yaps of what could only be described as true terror. Finally Bolt gave a final ear splitting shriek and lit whatever he was panicking about on fire, muscles relaxing, panting heavily. Bolt's features remained in a slight snarl while Colossith's turned into one of confusion, until he heard Bolt mutter.

"Stupid spiders."

Colossith almost burst out laughing but somehow contained it until Bolt had walked far enough away. After the male had finished laughing, a devious smirk appeared on his features.

"Afraid of spiders, eh? I'll keep this a secret, for now."

He said to himself, chuckling, and turned back towards where he was previously walking, snickering every now and then.

And that, fair listeners, is what really happened.


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Post by Bolt on Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:52 am

YAY! I thought you were going to post the winners stories?


Story Contest Results! F12
Story Contest Results! Sorrow10
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Congratulations!!!! Very Happy

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Yeh I will add them today. I was on my phone yesterday so yeh

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Congratulations you two!

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