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Joining Kazumasa

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Joining Kazumasa Empty Joining Kazumasa

Post by Kazumasa on Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:58 am

*drum roll*... this isn't the finished code for him. I'm tired tonight and don't feel like fighting it anymore atm. But I promised I'd join by this evening, so here he is! I just need help deciding what power he should have... anyone have suggestions?

Name: Kazumasa
Nickname(s): Zu, Masa, Kazu
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Rank: Healer
Why you want to be in that rank: I think it'll suit his character best if he is a healer. He will be a gentle soul, wise, with a long temper and lots of patience.
Breed: Arctic/Eurasian cross
Appearance: Kazumasa takes after his mother's side of the family when it comes to color. He is a solid white wolf with no obvious markings or flaws on his handsome hide. He has liquid gold eyes which can be very intense but gentle. His fur is medium to long in length, with elongated, feathered hair around his legs and a wide, sweeping tail. His ruff is thick even in the warm summer months, but he has learned to adapt to the heat by staying out of the sun as much as possible. He is tall in structure and big, but he's not a giant and he's not massive. His height is a mix between the arctic and eurasian blood in him. He is a good shape physically, muscular, with just the right amout of body fat to make him nicely filled out.
Personality Kazumasa is an old soul trapped again in a young body. He looks at the world around him with wonder and curiosity, but he is calm and collected, never rash when making decisions. He was taught as a yearling the basics of caring for wounded fellows, and he took to it naturally. He has a very long temper, preferring to walk away from a fight rather than engage, but once he reaches his limit he will attack. He will always defend. He is indifferent about pups, neither adoring them nor disliking them, and he enjoys the company of other pleasant wolves.

Past: Kazumasa has thus far lived a fairly average and uninteresting life. He hasn't had it rough, and when he set out from home to find a life of his own, he left with the good-wishes and love of his family. His mother is of arctic wolf descent, and his father's family hailed from the larger eurasian lines. He had two older siblings, both females, and had one sister born into his litter. He is his parents' only son. When he was around one year of age his littermate had an accident while hunting elk with their pack. She received a large and ugly wound on her shoulder, and it became infected. She was feverish and sick, but their family knew of a healer with knowledge of medicinal herbs and practices. They sent for him, but his sister took a turn for the worse that evening. Kazumasa rested beside her that night, and when he touched her he felt her pain like it was his own. The healer arrived in the morning and began to treat her, but surprisingly she was already fever-free and the wound was closing up more cleanly than before. The healer helped her to continue to become better, but Kazumasa knew something had happened that night. However, Kazumasa was impressed with the healer's knowledge and ability, and he began to learn from the older wolf. At the age of three he had learned all that he could from the healer, and with the blessing of his family he decided to set out to see what good he could do in the world. He never told his family that though he had learned from the old healer, it had been Kazumasa who had saved his sister's life by taking her pain and supernaturally healing her with his concerned touch.

Negatives: He is too trusting, but this will change with age and experience. He can also be considered slow to make decisions because he likes to think things through.
Positives: Kazumasa is very knowledgable and wise. He is gentle, but there is strength in his softness. He could be a leader had he been so inclined, but rather than lead Kazu prefers to act in a supporting role.
Power: Healing. Kazumasa has discovered that it's not all just luck and knowledge in his ability to heal others. He tends to them like any healer, but really, when he touches them he can feel their pain and knows what is wrong - be it fever, a burn, a broken bone, etc. He can then 'fix' them by touching them, but it leaves him weak and tired afterward, especially if the healing was for serious injuries. This is, in effect, both a blessing and a curse, because to help them, he has to know their suffering first before he can fix it.

Family: Living, but not on this game
Mate: None
Pups: None
Friends: None yet in this game
Enemies: He doesn't make enemies easily, but none yet in this game.
Crush: None yet <3

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Joining Kazumasa Empty Re: Joining Kazumasa

Post by Colossith on Tue Jul 15, 2014 5:18 am

ACCEPTED! Thanks for joining ^.- Hope you enjoy your time here!

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Joining Kazumasa Empty Re: Joining Kazumasa

Post by Bolt on Tue Jul 15, 2014 11:52 am

Awesome bio. Welcome to the pack!


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