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Lily~The Explorer  Empty Lily~The Explorer

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:24 am

Name: Lily


Age: 2 1/2


Species: Tundra Wolf

Power: Water manipulation (although she keeps it a secret the best she can)

On the outside...

 Lily's coat is as pure as snow. Icy blue is the primary color of her eyes, yet there is a light green ring that begins closest to the pupil before it eventually blends into the blue. Her eye color tends to darken or lighten depending what kind of mood she is in. Weighing 110 pounds she is a medium sized wolf. One thin amber red-orange scar that circles around her paw and then swirls up half of her leg.

The Inside...

Witty/Clever: Lily  is very good at dealing with things under pressure, making coming up with solutions much easier then most. Even solutions without an answer she will find a way to solve it, as hard as it may be. Her mouth is one of her greatest strengths and although she is a quiet one, shooting witty and unnecessary comments has come as a habit when annoyed. Or at anytime really, she has low respect for anyone that hasn't earned it. Therefore making it extremely easy for her to be unfriendly towards another. 

Kind/Soft hearted: As caring as she is, some might think she doesn't have the heart to harm another. Of course, like anyone else, if rubbed the wrong way she will retaliate. Hesitation usually doesn't come when one is injured or hurt unless you've gotten on her bad side, she will do anything to help.

Hot head/Determined: Most of the time she can ignore a simple snarky comment, although there are those cases when she will blow up on you. Her temper if very short, you might want to think twice before speaking because one wrong comment and you might as well start running. Any decision she makes she sticks to no matter what. She doesn't care if the odds are against her, she will stand firmly with her choices unless convince otherwise.

Quiet/Mysterious: Tending to stay quiet during conversations, she's usually pushed to the side giving her plenty of time to do her own thing. She is very cautious about how much information she is willing to share, most are on a need to know basis. There will hardly be a time when she spills everything about herself, or her past, honestly your lucky if you get her name.

Eager/ Stubborn: She is always up for a any challenge that presents itself. Even if the challenge is impossible, Lily will find a way to achieve it. Especially if you say she isn't able to do something, she will eagerly find a way to prove you wrong. Usually she finds it rather easy to get around a tough situation therefore, making her stubborn when presented with other peoples idea's. Preferring to do things her way because she knows they will work.

Trust issues/Not easily impressed: Naturally, she does have flaws. Having the tendency to not reveal anything about herself to anyone she had some trust issues. Trust is a huge thing in her life and if receive her trust and you abuse it, well good luck. It takes a lot to impress her, she's not the kind of wolf that is impressed by simple things. Lily has seen many things in her life and it takes a lot to really bring her interesting into anything.

Deep down...

Lily is a fighter at heart and refuses to let anyone walk all over her. She may treat your fairly but if you insult her she is not afraid to get dirty. Seeing that she has the tendency to solve her problems with her actions instead of her words it's not a good to pick a fight with her. Once she's in one she will not stop until her dying breath. Despite being smaller then some, she had a wicked bite and is capable of a lot more then what it looks like. Her skill level is high as she basically have lived on her own her whole life, while having nothing handed to her.  If you mess with her prepare to feel the backlash because she will rip you apart.

The Past...

 Lily has lived in the mountains all her life, the snowy region was her home. Her friends and family meant the world to her. As a child she lived a happy life, full of mystery and discovering a wondrous new world. However, as she grew older strange events began to occur. Slowly, but surely she began to discover more about her pack and the wolves she had spent her whole life around. Secrets were unfolding, the impossible suddenly became possible, and everyone's true color began to show. Lily felt as if the life she was had been living was a lie.

~The rest will be revealed in the roleplay

Habits: She has received the habit of exploring any new lands she comes across.  

Weakness: If her past has taught her anythings its that growing close to other's will only hurt you in the long run. Once you've receive her trust she will do anything for you, making it incredibly easy for her to get hurt or injured.

Strengths: Lily has spent much of her life fighting for training and for her life since she was a pup, naturally she has gotten very used to it. Getting out of sticky situations is also a skill she has been gifted with as she is clever and has a unique way of looking at things. 

Family: Unknown
Friends:Meh, good luck
Enemies:None just yet
Crush: None
Mate: None
Pups: None

Password; [Bolt edit]

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Lily~The Explorer  Empty Re: Lily~The Explorer

Post by Bolt on Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:32 am


Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy it here!

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Lily~The Explorer  Empty Re: Lily~The Explorer

Post by Colossith on Tue Jul 15, 2014 5:24 am


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Lily~The Explorer  Empty Re: Lily~The Explorer

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