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Nova Moon- Lead Guardian- Empty Nova Moon- Lead Guardian-

Post by Nova Moon on Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:42 am

Name:* Nova Moon
 Nickname(s): Nova
 Age:* 3
 Gender:* Male
 Rank:* Lead Guardian
 Species:* Grey/Tundra Wolf
 Appearance:* Nova Moon has a black pelt with a white underbelly and white as well up to his chin. The white stops at his underbelly and only goes around the tip of his tail. He has a large and muscular build with long legs, stocky yet lean. He can travel for a long distance but will need to stop for short rests at times because he has a hard time breathing sometimes. His eyes are a cyan blue which is a bright blue with a touch of green within. He has a scar on his underbelly where he was kicked by a sibling in a fight.(see history).
 Personality:* Nova is a strong compassionate leader that will do anything for his pack, for that is his family. He can be a bit overbearing at times when he is frustrated or upset with a member of the pack. His kindness shows through when he is within the pack among his friends and peers. He shows a hard exterior to those he doesn't know and tends to intimidate any that try to come up against him in a show of wits or strength. He enjoys spending time with pups and elders, he is very truthful in front of a female he likes and if she is coy he will wait on her to make a decision to be with him.

 History:* Born among two older siblings to a white tundra female and a grey male, Nova Moon was so named because when he was born the moon eclipsed, and when his father looked upon his youngest pup he saw the eclipse in the form of a wolf. His siblings were both solid white for his sister and solid black for his brother with no markings, which made him special to his mother Lunari and his father Moonphase.

As he grew, he became more stocky and long legged making him able to run for long periods of time without resting until one day. His brothers and he came upon a young female, she was here trying to join the pack and when she was stated as the healer then both brothers tried to get with the pretty little lady. They did everything they could to get injured or eat something bad to be able to meet up with her. This made the two males start to fight and as they fought Nova's brother kicked him in his underbelly and then scratched it deeply making him groan. He crawled away from his brothers and tended to the bleeding of his belly by licking it until it stopped bleeding. Snow Angel was at home with her mother when the two were brought back with their father.

After the fight between the brothers, their father decided to cast them out of the dens and make them live their own lives making himself and his mate safe from the outright dumb yearling males. Nova had always wanted to go exploring past the packlands and now that he was able he did. Snow Angel got a mate in the pack and Nova didn't know what happened after that.

He traveled for a year, learning his body and mind and expanding both and now has come to the pack his is now.
 Weaknesses:* He has a breathing problem from a past fight so he can't run long distances without a rest.
 Strengths:* He can intimidate others with just his presence, even outwitting some that try to out think him.
Power:* Ice manipulation
 Talents: Fishing, a bit of hunting and useing ice to protect the pack
 Habits: tail thumping, chews his forelegs

 Family:Moonphase-father-unknown, Lunari-mother-inknown, two older brothers-unknown

 How did you find us:* Kimbra
 Secret Password found in "Guidelines":*
[Bolt Edit]

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Nova Moon
Nova Moon

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Post by Kimbra on Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:48 am


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Nova Moon- Lead Guardian- Empty Re: Nova Moon- Lead Guardian-

Post by Colossith on Wed Jul 09, 2014 6:27 pm

Welcome to the site Nova! Smile

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Post by Bolt on Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:57 pm

Nice character. Welcome to the pack!

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