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Kimbra - Alpha Female Empty Kimbra - Alpha Female

Post by Kimbra on Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:52 am

Name: Kimbra

Age: 3

Gender: Female

Rank: Hunter

Species: Tundra wolf

Appearance: Kimbra has a thick, dark black coat with shining, silvery eyes. She has a small scar on her right cheek and when you see her walking, you will notice a small limp. She has a bushy tail and a long snout. When she bares her teeth, they are extra sharp. Her ears are short and pointy. Her muscles are large, meaning she can run long distances at a very high speed. Her face normally gets covered in mud and isn't very detectable with her dark coat. Her nose is jet black with a small white spot on the side of it. Also, she has a long, creamy white baze going along her face and back, all the way to the tip of her tail.

General Appearance:
Fur: Black
Eyes: Silvery Blue
Size: Small
Markings: White Spot On Nose, grey/white blaze going along face and spine.
Scars: Right Cheek
Limp?: Yes
Other?: None

Personality: Kimbra has a strong-willed personality and is very stubborn at times. If she doesn't want to do something, she'll do anything she can to get out of it. Other times though, she is a bundle of joy and if you are on her good side, she will love you to pieces. When she first sees another wolf, she is cautious and sometimes aggressive since her parents died. She enjoys her own company and can be aggressive if you question her. She is very dedicated to the jobs she likes though (mostly hunting as it helps clear her mind). She is quite a tense wolf but will relax if things go how they should.

General Personality:
Attitude To Others: Depends. Mainly Curious.
She is happy when: She's Around Wolves She Loves
She is unhappy when: Others Disgree With Her and She's In Large Crowds
What She Likes In Wolves: General Happiness and Shyness
What She Doesn't Like In Wolves: Sarcasm

History: Kimbra was one of two pups in her litter. Her pack completely pushed her away for her mother wasn't even supposed to have pups. She never found out who her father actually was. Her only sibling was a male and her pack took to him right away. She never found out why. She couldn't see what she was doing wrong. She was last to eat meaning she only got a scrap since her pack was very large. Eventually, her pack got rid of her at the ripe age of 4 months. It was a miracle that she lived. She ventured north, sleeping in foxholes and eating food scraps she found on the way. When she grew to a year, she traveled back to her birth place to see if her pack would accept her back in. They didn't. Her mother and unknown father had been killed by her brother only a month before she returned. Kimbra couldn't take it anymore and decided to remain a lone wolf. She taught herself to hunt and she became stronger by the day. Now, 2 years old, she has decided to find a pack. Where she belongs.

General History:
Birthplace: Alaska
Number of siblings: 2
Happy Background: Not At All

Weaknesses: Kimbra's worst attribute is her resistance to make friends and her stubbornness. She also has a smugness about her that can lead to some pretty bad enemies. Also, when around large groups, nerves take over her.

Strengths: She is extremely good at hunting from all her years practice. Her speed is also extremely fast.

Power: Mindreading.

How did she get this power? Kimbra's emotions often take over her. But eventually her mind started fixing into others. Every feeling and thought there is can be picked up by Kimbra because of the feelings she has gone through.

Talents: Hunting, running.

Family: Mother - Deceased. Father - Deceased. Brother - In pack. Kimbra's given up all hope on him.

Crush: Bolty <3

Mate: Bolt




General Relationships:
Family: Not Associated With

Song: Demons ~ Imagine Dragons

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