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Bolt - Alpha Male Empty Bolt - Alpha Male

Post by Bolt on Thu Jul 10, 2014 9:43 pm

Bolt - Alpha Male Screen42

Name: Bolt
Nickname(s): Bolto, Bol, Bolty
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Rank: Alpha Male
Species: Eurasian wolf mix

Appearance:  Bolt is a very unusual sight to lay eyes on, yet not the weirdest thing someone could probably see. He is pretty large and muscular, standing tall at two feet at the shoulder and five feet from nose to tail tip. He is muscular, making him weigh more on the heavier side at around 120 pounds. He has long, slender legs that can carry him far distances with little rest. His coat changes with the seasons, but since he lives in a cold and snowy place most of the time, he has a thick yet short coat of fur that protects him from harsh winter snow and also from lashing fangs of wolves that attack him. It thins out a bit in the summer, but not by much. Bolt's coat is a startling crimson in color, a real eye-catcher, which makes him stick out and makes hunting on land a challenge, while makes fishing much easier. His eyes are a piercing yellow, which is just as startling as his pelt. His snout is long and narrow and contains white, sharp canines that he is always ready to sink into something.

Personality: Bolt's large size and muscular build make him a rather intimidating sight, but in reality, he is a very warm and kind hearted wolf that wouldn't hurt another unless he or his loved ones were being threatened. He is very intelligent and calm, not one to make rash decisions, and has a natural born leader vibe to him, making him suited to the life of an Alpha. Despite being mostly calm and level-headed, he  has a temper when it comes to others trying to hurt his pack members, to whom he is fiercely loyal to, and would fight to the death for everyone of his packmates lives. To try to anger Bolt is a bad idea, because when angered he can't control his power, and you really should run fast because he has a habit of setting the creatures who anger him on fire.

History: Bolt was born on a bitterly cold winters day, in a warm den to a mother he can't name, in a small litter of two males. His brother was a bulky, midnight sky colored furball named Lightning, who took after their father, a male named Night. Bolt was the misfit, the odd one of the pair. He didn't look anything like his mother and father, sporting yellow eyes and a crimson coat, but nevertheless he was healthy and normal otherwise, so his parents loved him. He stayed in the den, warm and comfortable, with his brother through the winter, growing larger by the day as he was soon able to walk and run and jump with just the clumsiness that young pups possess, but the thing he liked to do most was play-fight and wrestle with his brother, and sometimes his mother or father when they felt like it. By the time winter ended, Bolt was eating meat and was starting to become very muscular and lean, practicing his skills at hunting and fighting. He would have made a perfect hunter had he had a more normal color coat, but seeing he did not, he focused more on battle and fighting. He wanted to be one of the greatest fighters there was, like his father. Being only four months old, that was a big dream, yet he didn't stop practicing or lost interest in becoming so. The days passed by slowly as he learned new things from his father, continuing to wrestle with his brother. He didn't see many other wolves then his family, so he was closely bonded to each one of his family members, more-so to his mother then the rest. It is because of his close bond with his mother that he was devastated when she left one day without a single goodbye when he was around six months old. He became much more aggressive after that, becoming rough and violent when he play-fought with his brother. So much so that he was only ever allowed to play-fight with his father. He was more intent on becoming great, so he practiced more then should of been healthy for a pup his age, training his focus and intelligence to become greater. This went on for months, and he felt himself, day by day, grow stronger and larger till he was about one years old and almost as large as his father. Bolt's main way of hunting was fishing, since the simple minded creatures actually were attracted to his crimson coat, swimming towards him curiously before realizing little to late that they had wandered into danger, and he struck like a serpent, fast and deadly. He, of course, shared his new skill with his family, and they really never starved or went to sleep hunting. By the time he was 1 and a half, he was larger then his father and brother, and much stronger too. One day, while he was out hunting fish from a running river, he heard the pained howls of his father and brother, and had immediately dropped what he was doing and raced to where they were. He was horrified and angered to find a pack of around five rouge wolves attacking and torturing his family. The smell of his family's spilt blood and pained cries stirred something from deep inside of him, a white hot anger that burned through his veins, driving an almost demonic sounding growl from his throat and a twisted snarl to take over his features. The wolves around gave terrified and agonized screams as they burst into flames, running away before dropping dead from the flames. The feeling Bolt felt faded slowly only to be replaced by shock, then a realization. He had done that. Rushing over to his brother and father, finding that his father was already dead, and his brother was almost dead, no chance of survival. Bolt mourned, tears running down his face as he nuzzled into the dark colored fur of his family members. He had no idea how long he stayed like that, but he knew he couldn't stay there forever, so he got up and dug there graves, gently placing them down before burying them, turning around and walking away from the scene that had changed his entire life. Bolt started working on the new found ability to keep his mind from his family's death, finding that he could light fire out of thin air and control it. The fire grazed over his body, and for an instant he was afraid, before he found that it didn't hurt him. He traveled while he practiced, away from where he had grown up. The young wolf had found that the only time he couldn't control his power was when he was extremely angered. Bolt, when he was around two years old, found a she-wolf named Kimbra and almost instantly fell for her. They started a pack together soon after becoming mates.

Weaknesses:  His red coat, and temper
Strengths: Fighting, his charms, and his cleverness.
Power: Pyrokinesis
How he got that power: Bolt doesn't really know how he got his power, though it seems he was born with it.
Talents: He is a surprisingly good swimmer and tree climber.
Habits: He'll shift around uncomfortablely when afraid or nervous.

Family: Night [Father, dead] Apocalypse [Mother, unknown] Lightning [Brother, dead]
Mate: Kimbra
Pups: N/A
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Crush; Kimbra

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