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Zila *Queen of Shadows*

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Zila *Queen of Shadows* Empty Zila *Queen of Shadows*

Post by Bolt on Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:47 am

Name ;; Zila

Nickname ;; Z, Zil (She only allows Toxic Ashes to call her this)

Name meaning ;; Shadow

Gender ;; Female

Age ;; Two years

Species ;; African Lion

Appearance ;; Zila is the size of an average lioness, maybe a just a bit larger. She is muscular, an animal with immense strength. She has long, muscular legs, making her fast as well as strong. She has a round head with rounded ears and long, sharp canines, making her bite just as dangerous as her long claws attached to large paws. Her eyes are a dark gold in color, darkly memorizing and beautiful. She has a thin, short pelt, having been made to stand the hot heat of Africa, that is an unusual black. She has a long, thin tail that has a tuft of black fur at the end of it.

Personality ;; Zila is not a nice creature, one can see that straight from the start. She likes to taunt and torture and beat creatures, likes to see others in pain, suffering and dying. She is much like Toxic in this way; she is cruel, but it could be said she is even worse then him. She makes few friends, and almost everyone she meets is her enemy, and usually in the end most of her enemies end up dead. She isn't very loyal or trustworthy to many, so it is best that you watch your back around her, even if you think you have gained her friendship, which is nearly not possible. She is fiercely protective of her only friend though, Toxic Ashes, and any who dares to mess with him shall feel her wraith. Zila is quite intelligent, able to make up twisted plans to get what she desires, usually revenge or amusement from the pain of other creatures.

History ;; Zila was born in a zoo, or more like a private zoo, owned illegally. Upon seeing her the zoo keeper threw her out, seeing as she was small and sickly and nothing special, a pale tan colored female who would lose him money. A wolf found her and took her in, that wolf being Toxic Ashes' mother. Toxic and Zila became close, like siblings, and when their mother died when both were only four months old, they stuck together. While their mother died, from the radiation in the area she had placed herself in, they started changing. Toxic Ashes gained neon green marking s in his fur, while her's turned an inky black, and Toxic gained the power to control radiation. They traveled alone, fending off predators and the like the best they could. Being left alone at such a young age, combined with the exposure to radiation, left both cold and cruel. They still travel around to this day.

Family; Don't know them
Friends; Her only friend is Toxic Ashes, he is like a brother
Enemies; Everyone she meets
Mate; No
Cubs; NO
Crush; no


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