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Sorrow - The scout

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Sorrow - The scout Empty Sorrow - The scout

Post by Bolt on Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:28 am

Name: Sorrow
 Nickname(s): Sor
 Age: 2 and 1/2
 Gender: Female
 Rank: Scout
Why you want to be in that rank: Sorrow is rather fitting for the rank of scout. She isn't a fighter, and can't hunt very well due to her coat, yet she can scout well and loves to explore.
 Breed: Tundra wolf
 Appearance: Sorrow is a very average sized wolf, not too big and not to small, nor to muscular or too thin, with long legs that are slender. This makes her a very average wolf, right? Wrong. Sorrow is anything but ordinary, and anybody who meets her can see that. Her coat is long and thick and very soft, otherwise normal characteristics for one with Tundra wolf blood running through their veins. Sorrow's base coat is a dazzlingly bright white in color, which is rather normal for her species, but she has rather strange markings. Black stripes, like those you would find on a tiger, that marks her pelt. This makes her stand out when amongst normal furred wolves and when hunting. Her body is covered in so many scars, yet they are hidden beneath her fur, though at times they can be seen through the strands of fur. Her eyes are a startling light blue in color, which holds many emotions, some not her own.
 Personality: Sorrow is a gentle wolf with a kind heart, who wouldn't intentionally hurt a creature unless it was attacking her packmates. She is very sensitive to how others feel towards her, and is the type to submit rather then to fight. She is quiet and shy  but once you get to know her and gain her trust she is a bit more talkative and friendly. She will always help a wolf in need. It is not an easy feat to gain her trust, but once you do she shall be forever loyal. Sorrow still hurts on the inside from all the past things done, has horrible nightmares, deep down inside she is broken, but no one would suspect a thing because she hides it with a smile and a happy attitude. She has a dark past that she will do anything to hide, even the most gruesome things.

 Past: Sorrow was born in a litter of five pups to mother Frost and father Fang. All her siblings bore regular coats and looks except for her. She was the only one with a white pelt and black stripes, making her the odd one out. Her siblings died only hours after birth, leaving her the only survivor. Her parents were filled with sorrow and slight resentment that she couldn't have been a normal pup, that she was the only pup left and that all the normal ones died. They named her Sorrow after that, a name that marked her as a mistake, and they reminded her of it as soon as she could see and listen. They barely fed her or showed her love, treating her like she was a monster, which she didn't understand, being just a young pup. When she was just a few months old and could walk with ease, the abuse started. Whenever she did something either one disapproved from, they would bite and slash at her, not to badly, but soon enough as she grew they lashed out at her for no other reason then to see her suffer. The wounds kept getting bigger and more life-threatening by the day, until by one year of age her mother almost killed her when she had fought back from an attack. It had taken her weeks to recover, and after that she didn't fight back. A whole year passed this way, with the abuse she received, which was also verbal and physical, it was only a matter of time before she snapped. And she did, when she reached the age of two years. Her parents were both attacking her, with bites and hurtful words. Sorrow broke down and fought back viscously, slashing and ripping and tearing until her parents both lay dead and she stood above their mutilated bodies shaking, covered in there blood. She ran after that, startled and shaken, and finally started viewing the world beyond. Along the way she met a strange creature, almost feline like, mewing alone in an abandoned den. It was quite a small thing, a day old Fossa cub, and she took care of it, bringing it along with her.
 Negatives: She is really shy and quiet and can't fight well.
 Positives: She is extremely friendly and can make friends easily wherever she goes.
Power: Pathokensis - Able to sense and control the emotions of others.
 Gifts: She is surprisingly good at climbing, whether it be tree or mountain.

 Family: Frost [Mother - Dead]
Fang [Father - Dead]
 Mate: N/A
 Pups: N/A
 Friends: N/A
 Enemies: N/A
 Crush: N/A

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Sorrow - The scout Empty Re: Sorrow - The scout

Post by Nova Moon on Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:57 am

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