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The Ranks

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Post by Kimbra on Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:37 am

The Ranks

Every wolf has it's meaning. What's yours? Choose from these ranks, read up on the info and choose your destiny.


Hunters provide the pack with it's food. Without them, the pack would be nowhere. Hunters are strong, speedy and not afraid to kill. Is your wolf good enough to be a hunter?
Lead Hunter: Open


If your wolf gets sick, it needs someone to go to. That would be a healer! Useful with herbs and medicines, Healers make sure the pack stays healthy. Healers are intelligent, kind and caring. Can your wolf save the pack?
Lead Healer: Sally


Scouts are the explorers of the pack. They make sure everything is alright in the territories and patrol the boarders. Scouts are brave, adventurous, and daring. Does your wolf have the skills to save the pack?
Lead Scout: Unknown


Warriors are the pack's first line of defense when attacked. They are strong, fearless, and brave and often have great battle skills. These wolves fight to protect the pack.
Lead Warrior: Nova Moon


Now for the pups! Pups are young, cute and joyful. They are the next generation of legends. Is your wolf a pup?

These ranks must be earned!


Betas are second in charge, under the Alphas. They tend to things when Alphas can't and are their right paw wolf. Without Betas, the Alphas wouldn't be able to run the pack as well as they do. Betas must be understanding, helpful and tollerant. Does your wolf deserve to help the royals?
Betas: Colossith, Lily


In packs, someone needs to be in charge. Those someones are the Alphas. Leader of the pack, Alphas are wise, strong and helpful. Is your wolf good enough to run the pack?
Alphas: Kimbra, Bolt.

I hope that helped you decide who your wolf is! Until next time! ~Kimbra

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