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| Incandescence | literate wolf rpg, LB

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| Incandescence | literate wolf rpg, LB

Post by Icee on Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:53 pm



   HOME[/url] •[]

       Semi Realistic | Post Apocalyptic | Semi Advanced+

     Where once the lands lay twisted in human desolation, a new order has
   risen. In the realm of Candenta, wolves reign supreme, but are you
   prepared to withstand their flame? ∞ Welcome to Incandescence ∞


     We are a fun, semi-literate environment, open to literate writers and
   those looking to improve by experience. With our marvelous world of
   Candenta, the future equivalent of Russia/Siberia, and its inhabitants,
   we hope you become intrigued enough to add your own character(s) to the
   mix and help us grow! We'd love to have you!

       If the given link format does not work, simply use this one: []CLICK [/url]


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