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Luna the Hunter

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Luna the Hunter Empty Luna the Hunter

Post by Luna on Thu Jul 10, 2014 5:44 pm

Name:* lUNA (its moonstorm from spr)
 Age:* 4 years
 Gender:* female
 Rank:* Hunter (or beta female if allowed?)
Why you want to be in that rank: I think hunting is cool and i enjoy rping it
 Breed:* tundra wolf
 Appearance:* (Must be 50 words.) Luna is a white female wolf. HEr eyes are a beautiful ice blue and she takes a habit to wear a feather in her ear. She had black paws on all four that go up to her half leg. Her eyes seem to sparkle when shes happy. When she gets mad, they turn a really dark blue, almost threatning like. Her claws are black, just luike her paws.
 Personality:* (Must be 50 words.) Luna is a little off kilter. SHe can be happy one moment, but then the next she can be sad. She will do most anything to provide for her pack, even if it means getting hurt and/or killed. She has a few issues following orders, but that just means you have to be stricter with her.

 Past:* (must be 100 words in length.) When Luna was born, she looked way different from her brother nad sister. They were black, and well, she was what tshe was. She had a dream of being a hunter, but when she told her mom, she got mad. Her mom was a g aurd and so was her dad. They had wanted all their children to be gaurds. Well, Luna didnt want that. Gettign beat up all the time. No Way!! So after she turned a year old and they started to train, she told them she was going to be a hunter. They said no. After she kept asking, her dad growled at her to leave the topic. He didnt want to accept that she wanted to be a hunter, well then, she would show him. She had run away, into a different packs land, and wouldnt stop running. She hadnt know that she had gone miles and miles away from her home. That was until she meet this pack. After they accepted her, she got to unt as much as she wanted. She never knew what happened to her parents.
 Negatives: She hates it when she sees people pacing
 Positives:* (Must be 1 sentence in length.) She loves to hunt to get her mind clear.
Power:* (Each wolf is limited to one power only ie. Mindreading, superstrength etc.) Mindreading
 Gifts: (what your creature is good at) Hunting and she is good with water.

 Family: none
 Mate: looking
 Pups: nope
 Friends: sure!
 Enemies: not sure
 Crush: keep to herself

 Password found in "Guidelines":*[admin edit]

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Luna the Hunter Empty Re: Luna the Hunter

Post by Colossith on Thu Jul 10, 2014 7:02 pm

Uhh there's a few things you got to fix before I may accept you.
1. You appearance is not completely 50 words...but close.
2. The pas is a required field so yes you have to do it.
3. There's already a lead hunter, sorry.

Fix those things and afterwards ill accept you :3

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Luna the Hunter Empty Re: Luna the Hunter

Post by Bolt on Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:35 am

Luna the Hunter Accept10
Bio Accepted! You can have the rank of Beta Female. Things you can do-
RP, play games, chat with others or fix stuff on your profile.
Thanks for making a character here in our pack!

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Luna the Hunter Empty Re: Luna the Hunter

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