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Michelle The Arc-Angel.

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Michelle The Arc-Angel. Empty Michelle The Arc-Angel.

Post by Michelle on Tue Aug 12, 2014 5:32 pm

Name:* Michelle
 Nickname(s): Angel
 Age:* 4
 Gender:* Female
 Rank:* Warrior
Why you want to be in that rank: Hmm... it seems to be a good rank to work your way up and play as Smile
 Breed:* Arctic Wolf.
 Appearance:* (Must be 50 words.) Michelle is a pure white arctic wolf. She has green jade eye's with a silver rim around them. She is about 20 inches tall or 1.66667 feet tall. (She's a bit small I guess? Razz) She has long legs and a long poofy tail. She's built for running with her slim frame. She has scars going across her body from attacks of wild cats and other wolves. She has a black paw while the rest of her body is white. She's got long eye lashes and a smooth face.
 Personality:* (Must be 50 words.) Michelle has a fighter spirit. She never gives up and always fights to stay alive. She would give her life for another wolf in a split second. She is strong willed and strong heart-ed about things. She's always happy and trying to make others happy as well. She loves to help others in anyway she can.

 Past:* (must be 100 words in length.) Michelle was born first and last pup (Meaning: She was the only one born) to two loner wolves named River and Jester. They chose to name her Michelle as it meant arc-angel. Michelle was about 6 months old when her father got into a fight with a wild cat to protect her mother and herself. Her mother hid her among the brush and went to help her mate. Michelle watched as the wild cat teamed up with another one and killed both of her parents. She sneaked away as quietly as she could. She wanted to cry and run away. She lay down in the sun whimpering quietly. Another lone wolf named Krash came along and found her. He knew she would not survive alone at her young age and then took her under his wing and trained her to fight and hunt. When she was a year and half old she left Krash and his new mate to be alone. She wandered the lands in an attempt to explore and see the beautiful world. When she turned two years of age she found a young pup who had lost her parents and didn't know her own name. "I shall give you a name young pup...if you like?" Michelle asked the young darling and watched as the pup nodded slowly. "Your name shall be Kiss" Michelle said very slowly before helping the pup up. "Okay." That was all the pup said to her for the time being. Michelle taught Kiss to hunt and fight just like Krash had taught her. Michelle was about 3 years old when Kiss left to be on her own. Michelle continued to wander the land in an attempt to never be lonely again. She had 6 months later found the body of Kiss- Her adopted daughter. She was killed by a wild cat and had seemingly fought very well. Michelle turned and wept as Kiss had been her only family since her young age. She walked away from the mess of her adopted daughter and continued on with helping others. Even with the pain she felt in her heart.
 Negatives: Michelle refuses to get close to others that way she doesn't lose them. She also can never hold a grudge or be mad for even a short period of time. She also can not stand being near others for long periods of time unless she loves them.
 Positives:* (Must be 1 sentence in length.) She is strong and loving to all, even the one's she dislikes. She stands strong for others when someone is down-grading them. She loves to be with the ones she loves in order to protect them from harm.
Power:* Memory manipulation- The ability to make an individual re-experience forgotten or past memories and to erase memories
How they got they're power: Michelle got her power when she was with Krash. But she didn't fully understand her powers and there refused to tell Krash why he had sudden flashbacks when he was near her. She used her power on Kiss in order to find out what happened when she was much younger, but the memories were so bad that she decided to erase the horrible memories and adopt her as her own. Now she helps others in all she can and only uses her powers when it is absolutely needed.

 Gifts: (what your creature is good at) Running. Helping others. Being happy even when things are bad.

 Family: River-Mother (Deceased) Jester-Father (Deceased) Kiss-Adopted Daughter (Deceased)
 Mate: None... Yet.
 Pups: None of her own.
 Friends:She has no trusted friends.
 Enemies: None
 Crush: None

A picture of Michelle: Michelle The Arc-Angel. Q0NigyYKcgr_10722538
Michelle The Arc-Angel. Flat,550x550,075,f

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Michelle The Arc-Angel. Empty Re: Michelle The Arc-Angel.

Post by Colossith on Tue Aug 12, 2014 6:05 pm

ACCEPTED! Welcome to the site ;3 If you have any questions, don`t hesitate to ask ^.^

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Michelle The Arc-Angel. Empty Re: Michelle The Arc-Angel.

Post by Bolt on Tue Aug 12, 2014 10:31 pm

Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy your stay here!


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Michelle The Arc-Angel. Empty Re: Michelle The Arc-Angel.

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