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Post by Kimbra on Fri Aug 08, 2014 3:26 pm

Heroes and Legends have a long line of noble history. Centuries ago, when the Earth formed from a tiny atom, to a large sphere of oceans, land and rivers, destiny went threw to create the humble wolf.

Centuries passed and a wolf was finally a creature. One of them being a male wolf named Bodhi meaning awakening. His history was unknown but he appeared in a vast landscape of forests, snow and mountains. He learned to hunt, adapt and survive.

He soon found a female wolf. They had pups - quite a large litter. They were now Alphas. Alphas of a PACK. The Heroes and Legends pack. They could survive anything. The snow blizzards that hit the mountains. The strong winds pulling trees from their roots. Anything. Their pack grew, either with their own relations or loners who stumbled through the area. They were a VERY large pack.

Once more, centuries later, there are still wolves with the Heroes and Legends bloodline, continuing the ancestory tree. Even after wars, these wolves have managed to survive and fight without killing all of their own.

But wait! There's a twist in the story! Halfway through history, one pup discovered something different about her. She could control other wolves with her mind. She had a power! As she grew, her power became stronger and stronger until eventually when she had pups with a mortal wolf, her power was strong enough for it to break through mortalness. Since then, every wolf with Heroes and Legends in their grasp has one power. Even loner's travelling into the territory somehow had a hint of power that grows when accepted in the pack. No one knows how that pup got a power and they probably never will.

So as the years go by, Heroes and Legends continue to impress, thrive and survive.

((Did this because I looked through our chat archives like a ninja Wink Hello Lily Wink ))

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