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Tyler The Rebel - Kolt

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Tyler The Rebel - Kolt

Post by Bolt on Fri Aug 08, 2014 6:12 am

Name: Tyler
 Nickname(s): Ty
 Age: A few days old
 Gender: Male
 Rank: Pup
 Breed: Eurasian wolf x Tundra wolf Hybrid
 Appearance: Tyler is one of the biggest pups of the litter, which he most likely gained from his father's genes, which means he will most likely grow into a large framed wolf, muscular and strong. At the moment he looks more like a ball of fluff, with short legs and a short, wide snout.  He has a fluffy base coat of black, like his mother, and a red underbelly. His eyes, when they open, will be a light green, sharp and intelligent.
 Personality: Tyler is different from his litter, the one rebellious dark pup. He, straight from birth, was always dominant and rebellious, even at a few days old without most of his senses. When he grows up, he could make a fine leader, with his dominant attitude. He can be extremely stubborn, and has inherited his father's quick temper along with his size. He is quick to throw a fit, but forgets why he is angry rather quickly.

 Past: Will add as he grows.
 Negatives: Quick Temper, Stubborn Attitude, and rebellious nature
 Positives: Intelligence, Shall be strong when older
Power: Not known yet
How they got they're power: N/A

 Gifts: Being a pup

 Family: - Kimbra [Mother | Alive]
- Bolt [Father | Alive]
- Slash [Brother | Alive]
- Sasha [Sister | Alive]
- Amber [Sister | Alive]
- Katniss [Sister | Alive]
- Alice [Sister | Alive]
 Mate: N/A
 Pups: N/A
 Friends: N/A
 Enemies: N/A
 Crush: N/A



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