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Toxic Ashes - Death shall come to his enemies

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Toxic Ashes - Death shall come to his enemies

Post by Bolt on Wed Aug 06, 2014 8:27 am

Name: Toxic Ashes
 Nickname(s): Toxic, Tox, Toxi, Ash, Ashes
 Age: Two years
 Gender: Male
 Rank: Warrior
Why you want to be in that rank: Toxic Ashes is an excellent fighter and is very skilled in the art of battle
 Breed: Timber wolf/Dire wolf hybrid (though most think he is part demon)
 Appearance: Toxic Ashes has a large, muscular build which he inherited from his dire wolf genes, yet he is not bulky. He has long legs that are just as muscular as the rest of his body. His pelt is short and thin, made for keeping him cool, and is surprisingly soft. The base color of his coat is black. On his chest, throat, stomach, and underside of his tail is a neon green coloring, which also appears on his paws, with the green spreading further up his back legs then his front ones. He has a long, narrow snout that contains razor sharp teeth ready to sink into another creature, and triangular ears that sit on top his head. Toxic's eyes are dark green in color and seem to glow when he is angry or upset, which can be quite often, with neon green markings that go from around the eye with a line extending towards his nose.

 Personality: When someone first meets Abandon, he can seem quite mysterious, what with all the secrets he keeps and his general dark appearance, but soon after meeting him they start to see a personality form. One of the first things a person learns is that he has a hard time trusting others and has a bad temper that flares up dangerously when another irritates him or says a wrong comment. He isn't completely evil, but he still has a dark attitude, and still likes to cause harm and will amuse himself with toying with the minds of others. He isn't the most trustworthy of all creatures, and isn't at all very loving. Most of the time he is quiet, and most like it that way, so none of his hurtful words or snide and sarcastic comments can be made.

 Past: WIP
 Negatives: His temper and cruel ways.
 Positives: His strength and intelligence.
Power: Radiation Manipulation- The ability to control/shape/form radiation
How they got they're power: Toxic was exposed to radiation when he was very young, giving him his strange markings and his strange powers.

 Gifts: Fighting, making other creatures angry

 Family: All of his family are dead.
 Mate: Really? A mate? No.
 Pups: NOPE
 Friends: None
 Enemies: Everyone he meets
 Crush: None



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