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Post by Kimbra on Wed Jul 09, 2014 5:53 am

Allowed Breeds 220px-Black_and_White_Wolves

Heroes and Legends Breeds
Heroes and Legends are a very versitile pack. We have many different wolves and canines. What breed are you?

Our Wolves:

Grey Wolf
Tundra Wolf
Timber Wolf
Arctic Wolf
Red Wolf
Mexican Wolf
European Wolf
Canadian Wolf
Eurasian Wolf
Arabian Wolf
Tibetan Wolf
Labrador Wolf
Indian Wolf

We also allow large dogs. Small dogs can be bought as companions at The Hut.

American Foxhound
Belgian Sheepdog
Burmese Mountain Dog
German Shepherd Dog
Golden Retreiver
Siberian Husky

Felines are also allowed! Check out the Hut!

If you want another breed on here, please PM me. Thank you.

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