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Dean the innocent cub

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Dean the innocent cub

Post by Bolt on Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:26 am

Name ;; Dean
Nickname(s) ;; Sorrow calls him Kitten.
Age ;; 4 months
Gender ;; Male
Species ;; Fossa

Description ;; Upon first glance, Dean looks a lot like a kitten, to which most then confuse him for, but he is far from being a kitten. He is small, around the size of a kitten that would come from a house cat, though with an even longer tail made for balancing while climbing and running. His pelt is short and thin, with a soft and silky feel to it. His coat is a light brown in color that will darken as he ages, with an even lighter shade on the underside of his body. Dean's eyes are large and chocolate brown in color.

Personality ;; Dean, being only a cub, still has that innocent attitude towards life, though that doesn't necessarily makes him blind to the dangers of life. He is quite playful and mischievous, playing games and creating them, yet is true talent is creating harmless tricks to pull on the creatures he meets, and he is always getting into trouble. He is mostly carefree and friendly, even though it is not a normal behavior for his kind, yet he has learned from Sorrow, who he looks up to as a mother figure. He is one, maybe the only, few creatures that can see through Sorrow's smile and know's of her past.

History ;; Being only a young cub, there isn't much to tell of Dean's tale, except that he was found by Sorrow, after his family had abandoned him, and was taken under her loving care. He went wherever she went, being fed chewed up leaves that substituted for milk, and sometimes chewed up meat when he grew older, until he could eat meat by himself. He looks up to Sorrow as a mother, seeing as she raised him and went through all the trouble of feeding him, and follows her orders and follows her wherever she goes.

Family ;; Mother [Unknown]
Father [Unknown] Surrogate Mother [Sorrow, Alive]

Mate: Nope

Cubs ;; Way to young for that

Friends ;; None

Enemies ;; None

Companion to ;; Sorrow

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Re: Dean the innocent cub

Post by Ross on Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:31 am

OMG so cute -huggles little Dean-

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