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Post by Colossith on Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:21 pm

Lithium Le Scout Sans_t18




Lith, Lithy, Lily




3 years old.

♫Desired Element:♫


♫Desired Rank:♫



Lithium is a grey wolf. Her body is covered with long and soft fur. Althought Lithium is grey, she does have some white on her. The tip of her ears is a light white and so are her paws. The tip of her tail is also a light white. Lithium has three small light white dots under both eyes. She is looking quite unusual for a wolf, which is one of the things she enjoys about herself: Being different. If you look closely at Lithium`s eyes, you will notice she has two different eye color. Her left eye is an icy blue color, while her right one is a beautiful pinkish purple color. Lithium also has a golden yellow earing on her left which is written her parents name in the inside. Lithium also has 3 noticeable scars on her side that was made on  accident.


Lithium is the opposite of being nice. You will most likely discribe her as being a disaster. Lithium isn`t shy at all. If you`d like to meet someone honest, than meet Lithium. She will tell you whatever is wrong with you even though it ain`t that polite. She also tends to be a bit too confident at times. She adores getting on others nerves as seeing them get mad makes her laugh. She is a cold hearted wolf who doesn`t like anything.


On a beautiful spring morning, A white female, Kari gave birth to four pups, one being Lithium.  A healer was within them. Kirito, the father was happy of his beautiful pups. He nuzzled each of them excitedly, but his excitement didn`t last long. They noticed  three pups having no fur which was weird to the,As the healer checked  each pup, she noticed that they all didn`t have fur too except one, Lithium. The other pups seemed pretty sick and it was most likely that they wouldn`t survive. As the 3 pups without fur tried moving, one by one did they stop and have trouble breathing. Kari and Kirito were panicking. The healer tried her best, but soon she gave up and looked at the parents staright in the eyes. "I`m sorry, but I can`t do anything. It`s the end for them and nothing can cure them." She said. Kari dropped down in tears, while Kirito tried to comfort her. The three of them where watching as their pup`s heart stopped working, and the last puff of air was taking. It was harmful for a mother to watch this. Looking over at the only pup that survived, she nuzzled it gently, before keeping her warm and safe. The whole night time, Kari has been having tears rolling down her cheeks. She had been proud of her success, but it had to end badly. She had been awaiting to finally creat a familly but she failed. She was only taking her pup`s life away. She was just an awful mother to her eyes. A few days past by and Kari still couldn`t get over her pups death so she committed suicide my drowning herself in a lake near her den. As Kirito heard the news, he suddenly changed. He was becoming depressed. Lithium was all he had left. But there was one problem. And this problem was that he didn`t know how to take care of a pup. Kirito new his only choice was to send his pup to someone who could give Lithium a normal life. Lithium kept smiling which made Kirito feel like keeping her, but he just couldn`t. On the next day, as Lithium was asleep, Kirito brought her to a familly who he could trust. Cali and Leo. They were already parents of 3 pups, but they were ready to accept more. Kirito placed Lithium infront of the den before nuzzling gently his pup. He also put on an earring on her left ear. On the earring it was writtien Forever. This earring was Lithium`s mother, but she was gone now and Kirito wanted her to keep a gift from him. Lithium was soon found and was immediatly carried inside the den. She was being fed and taken care off properly. A week later, Kirito had suicide himself by drowning himself the same place as his mate. Life was getting to hard for him, and he couldn`t continue living on his own. Soon Lithium was old enough to play outside with the others. For the moment, she thought Cali and Leo where her actual parents, She was quite curious about one thing though. Why did everyone look like her parents, but not her. The other pups would call her an orphan as they knew the truth aabout Lithium, but she didn`t. It wasn`t until she reached 2 years and a half did Cali reveal the truth to Lithium. For some reasons, Lithium felt betrayed.At first she didn`t believe the story, until she looked up at her earring seeing her real parent`s name.She was the only survivor in her familly it meant, which nearly made her feel uncomfortable. Lithium nodded slightly before walking away, fustration filling her mind. As she was walking away from the pack, a wolf jumped on her and accidently scratched her on the side which becames scars. The wolf immediately ran away from her, leaving Lithium once again alone. The female made her way away from her pack as it didn`t seem like home to her anymore.


➟Her intelligency.

➟ Her behhaviour.

➟ Being left alone.

➟ Interacting with others properly.

➟ Running.





➟ Helping.

➟ Acting normal.




No one.


No one.


None, but she probably won`t have some anyways.

♫How did you find us:♫

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